Hypocrisy from ACT, vision from Greens

ACT MP John Boscawen led the campaign for big money to dominate politcs in opposing the Electoral Finance Act. So how extraordinarily hypocritical for him to come up with this billboard now he is ACT’s candidate for Mount Albert:

Russel Norman’s billboards are great though, three of them building on the kids theme the Greens used during last year’s general election:

Mt Albert hoarding - Oakley Creek

Mt Albert Hoarding - Pt Chev

Mt Albert Hoarding - Owairaka Park

Russel Norman Mt Albert Hoarding

7 thoughts on “Hypocrisy from ACT, vision from Greens

  1. Remarkable that you still defend the Electoral Finance Act – such a loathsome law, that you seem so proud of.

  2. dpf, I don’t defend the EFA itself, because it was so extraordinarily poorly drafted that it was an absolute shambles.

    But I do defend the principles behind it, including that there should be limits on third party campaigning to prevent big money from having undue influence in elections.

    Interestingly, National haven’t done any better by rushing its repeal and amendments to the Electoral Act 1993 through under urgency without select committee submissions or consideration.

    The Greens have just received an opinion from the Electoral Commission that the delivery of a regular Parliamentary publication that is distributed throughout the country would risk a by-election overspend if delivered in Mount Albert during the by-election campaign – even though it doesn’t mention the by-election at all. So the law is still a shambles.

  3. I see Danyl at The Dim-Post likes Russel Norman’s one:

    I think this is brilliant – a textbook example of what political billboards should do – but I also thought the Green billboards in the general election were brilliant and they didn’t seem to make the least difference to their turnout or results.

  4. I absolutely love the billboards, especially the one of the two kids at Owairaka park. They are great local adaption of the billboards used during the general election. Congats to the Mount Albert team.

  5. I wasn’t very popular on kiwiblog for pointing out Boscawen’s hypocrisy! LOL.

  6. I love our Mt Albert campaign billboards, but I can’t help the thought that these beg to be joined by one showing some muscles!

    However, it being May an’all, I guess it’s a bit late for Russ to be standing in the middle of Dominion Rd for a photo shoot, shirtless… 🙂

  7. No, we had enough of Green MPs naked in public with Keith in Epsom when Rodney Hide the electorate.

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