Lord Mayor of the Supershitty

Here’s the man for the job:

Eight years of experience in wielding absolute power and stomping on democratic rights, and now looking for employment. Rodney Hide just needs to have a chat with his mate Richard Worth, who as Minister of Internal Affairs will surely be able to fast-track the citizenship application in time for the local body elections.

7 thoughts on “Lord Mayor of the Supershitty

  1. Hey, not a bad idea. If we got him here we could put him on trial for crimes of torture and war crimes.

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  3. ROFL. Kill two birds with one stone and arrest him for warcrimes AFTER we put him in charge of the super-city? I suppose the advantage there is that we’d have an incumbent who couldn’t do anything 🙂

  4. Great photo of Bush – look like he got a mouthful of puke and waiting for the cameras to go away so he can spit it out.

  5. Yeah, I thought that too Lady P.

    I have to admit I searched for the worst photo of the Shrub I could find before publishing.

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