g.blog is a community for all Green Party members to share our thoughts with the New Zealand electorate.  Basically the premise is that anyone who is a Green Party member can post anything they like so long as it conforms to the rules.

g.blog shows the Green Party promoting debate and gives another vehicle to members who like writing, making videos or photography or who have good ideas to share with the country to do so. Maybe that might seem a contrast with some other political parties that try to manage the debate and focus it very tightly on just one or two celebrity politicians. But, we trust that open debate is good, and we’re hoping this might be an avenue for some exciting new policy proposals, debates and stories.

What we’d really like to hear would be local stories and events, adventures on the campaign trail, news and ideas that don’t get covered other places.

And the banner image up the top of the blog – it used to be Clouds76’s creative commons licensed photo, Wrinkled green, on flickr. But now it is Nasa’s iconic Earthrise photo (also obtained from Partick He at Flickr)

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  1. White Fungus presents a film screening of:


    by Alister Barry

    With a panel discussion hosted by White Fungus ditor Ron Hanson with Alister Barry, Nicky Hager and Tim Bollinger talking about the film, ‘Rogernomics’ and related issues. Massey University College of Creative Arts (Wellington), Lecture Theatre 10A02, Monday, September 29, 6pm. Someone Else’s Country is independent filmmaker Alister Barry’s in-depth look at the economic revolution that took place in New Zealand in the 1980s at the hands of then Labour Finance Minister Roger Douglas. The country’s fourth Labour Government had been voted in on a traditional Labour platform, but unbeknownst to the public, it would implement a radical programme of right-wing economic policies as proscribed by the World Bank and the ideologues behind the Thatcher and Reagan administrations in Britain and the US. Barry’s 1996 debut documentary, which draws extensively on archive footage and interviews with key players of the time, was refused a screening by TVNZ until it was belatedly aired in 2004. Barry’s new documentary The Hollowmen, based on Nicky Hager’s groundbreaking investigative book, is currently playing to packed-out audiences at film festivals throughout New Zealand. White Fungus would like to present the opportunity to see Barry’s first film and a chance to discuss some key issues in the lead-up to this year’s election.


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