Well, they are more editorial guidelines actually.

The goal of is to provide a space for all paid up Green Party members to have say on issues that matter to you.  Our goal is not to control what is written or censor material.  So please feel free to write about whatever green issues or events inspire you.

However, in order to try to keep this blog healthy and pleasant, we need writers and contributors to follow a few simple rules. Mostly they are about politeness and manaakitanga.  It’s just part of being Green really:

We reserve the right (but we won’t always use that right) to delete or edit posts which:

  • Are considered likely to provoke, attack or offend others
  • Are personal or offensive comments about individual members of the public
  • Are racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit, abusive or otherwise objectionable
  • Contain excessive swear words or other language likely to offend
  • Break the law or condone or encourage unlawful activity. This includes breach of copyright, defamation and contempt of court.
  • Advertise products or services for profit
  • Are seen to impersonate someone else
  • Repeatedly post the same or similar messages (‘spam’)
  • Include contact details such as telephone numbers and postal or email addresses
  • Contain links to other websites which break our editorial guidelines
  • Describe or encourage activities which could endanger the safety or well-being of others
  • Are judged to be blatant or destructive attacks on the Green Party itself with no redeeming value to Green politics (we do have a little bit of self preservation)

We welcome feedback, both positive and negative.

23 thoughts on “Rules

  1. George, please do! We’d love to have you writing a few bits and pieces here – or even cross-posting from your own blog would be great.

  2. Xavier, you’re welcome here. I’ll send you an invite. Post us some of those cool photos you’ve been taking on your botanist site.

  3. I’m curious – why should offense to others be grounds for removing or editing a post?

    Whose feelings would you take into account when making these decisions, & whose would you ignore? If you’re applying that rule evenhandedly you’d shut down this blog, because its very existence offends me.

    What if we were talking about religion? You couldn’t argue for freedom of religion without offending adherents of some religions (e.g. Islam, which considers apostasy a major sin).

    You see where I’m going with this … claiming offense is the easiest way of shutting down debate when it’s not going your way, or if you don’t want the debate to happen at all. Either you’ll apply your policy evenhandedly and no meaningful discourse will take place here, or you’ll apply it in a biased way and the end result will be anything but a free exchange of ideas.

  4. Hi Duncan,

    Sorry to hear that you have taken offence. I should make two points:

    1. These guidelines are new and untested. It maybe that there are some that don’t need to be there and some that need to be added. As one of the gblog administrators I’m open to arguments in favour of change.

    2. I’ve got no intention of deleting a post simply because it causes offence. If it also has something valuable to say it’s welcome to stay. However, if its only purpose is to be offensive or derogatory then I don’t see much value in keeping it.

    You’ll see I’ve already written a couple of posts that probably breach these guidelines myself. So yes, it is subjective. The main goal is to allow as many people as possible within the Green Party to have a voice if they want it, but to make sure we have a last resort ‘safety valve’ of rules if we need it to stop our blog becoming a cess-pit of abuse and offense.

  5. Its a hard balance to achieve, Public address is very readable. Kiwiblog seems to be full of abuse and vitriol, which is a shame because it was good to get the National party POV but its pretty much, It badly needs a moderation policy that works.
    The Standard has improved immeasurably since they have had a strict moderation policy
    Frog blog though seems also to have a good balance.

    I think this site is a good and brave idea . I shall post on how the campaign in Nelson is going at a latter date.
    (I have just returned from a campaign meeting and the ‘team’ are in good spirits and raring to go)

  6. Well, I’ll throw my hat into the ring if you’re looking for some radical activist perspectives. Say, on GE or social justice issues…

    Kiwiblog? Run by that funny little man who considers it his own personal crusade to defame anyone who is to the left of Ghengis Khan? Haha, yes, totally unreadable!

    Oh dear, did I just disqualify myself? 😀
    You be the judge, stevedore!

  7. Well you guys have just lost my vote how stupid to regulate my Shower. Stay out my Bloody Bathroom it isnt any of your Business. How dam stupid of your party.

  8. Brad – Have you given your bathroom capital letters because that’s its formal name or just an endearing nickname you gave it?

  9. I consider my Bathroom is a private place we dont need control freaks or bureaucrats. Invading our homes and telling us all how to live like them. This leads to Despotism is that what your vision is for New Zealand

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  11. Our Bathroom Despotism Policy actually goes a lot further than that Brad. We would institute repressive dictators in every household cistern. Householders will be subjected to waterboard torture in their bathtubs. Plugs will be chained to their sinks and people brushing their teeth will have their right to free speech removed.

  12. Your Words ” How will they protect democarcy and civil rites” This what you are judging other parties by.

    Yet you want to be invasive come into peole homes and take them away from people. Slightly Hypocritical me thinks. Something for you to ponder on in your search for Utopia.
    Socialism is the visionary younger brother of an almost decrepit despotism. Thus its efforts are reactionary in the least. For it desires a wealth of executive power, as only DESPOTISM had it, indeed, it outdoes everything in the past by striving for the downright destruction of the individual which it sees as an unjustified luxury of nature, and which it intends to improve into an expedient organ of the community. It needs the most submissive subjugation of all citizens to the absolute state, the like of which has never existed. Therefor it secretly prepares for reigns of terror, and drives the word ´justice´ like a nail into the heads of the semi-educated masses, to rob them completely of their reason(after this has been minimised by the nz education system in the first place) & give them a good conscience for the evil game they are supposed to play. So these posters simply want to be the architects of their own fortune; & if this feeling of self determination, this pride in the 5 or 6 concepts in their tiny heads contain & bring to light, does indeed make their life so agreeable that they glady bear the fatal consequences of their narrowness, then there is little to object to provided their narrowness does not go so far as to demand that everything should become politics in THEIR sense, and that everyone should live & act according to THEIR standard.

  13. Steve you have gone a little quiet I can understand that!! I just cant see the need for the implementation of such Policies. Surely there are bigger fish to fry. Especially when you consider that this new shower regulation doesn’t take into account whether you collect your own water or not. Whether you use Solar Heating or not. There is no enforcement on the number of baths that people can have and how much water they use (nor should there be I am just pointing out how ludicrous it is when baths use so much more Water) I know the Eco Light Bulbs have been a disaster with them catching fire and filling our Landfills with Mercury at the end of their Life Cycle. I just think policies like this are an Election downer for the Greens just three weeks out from polling day

  14. Brad, if you move to solar hot water heating, you will meet the standard without having to do anything else.

    As I posted over here, there are several ways to meet the standard, and it applies only to new homes and renovations anyway.

  15. Toad admit that sorry I missed that but I still stick with my other comments, Judging by all the negative feedback this has got today it isn’t worth it. New Zealand doesn’t have a water problem. It shouldn’t have a Power problem just the investment came to late. This is not a good look for the Green Party it just appears they want to meddle in everybody’s lives

  16. Brad, New Zealand has an overconsumption problem. Most of the western world does. We can try adding more supply, but why not save people money by regulating a few basic good habits? As pointed out above, the standard doesn’t effect existing homes, and it is very simple to meet.

    Apparently since the National Party started running the word “PC” into the ground, any regulation of a person’s home has become anathema to the far-right. A little common sense would probably reveal to you just how much any party- even National- will regulate your life inside the boundaries of your house.

  17. Ari

    I think there is a dichotomy with the ways Greens think at the moment. On one hand you say you want to preserve democracy and civil rights fair enough. However the very first thing that appears to come to the Greens mind and now Labours mind is we must regulate we must control the masses. why? We must have them all think like us because only we are right. Really!

  18. I hardly think a few modest requirements is inconsistent with protecting grassroots democracy. Our elected officials have the authority to regulate. It’s what they should do, and it’s what we give them a mandate for when we vote. The important part is that they regulate what their constituencies call for them to regulate, and listen to submissions, and that they don’t put in too much authority to their regulations when it’s not needed.

    Given the poor quality of our infrastructure and its abysmal efficiency, I think this is a good case for some loose regulation- which is exactly what has been proposed. I’m frankly surprised that the possibility of having to meet some modest efficiency standards for your shower will get you so riled up when I heard almost nothing from the Right about the Immigration Act 😉

  19. Kia ora,

    I dont know where to intro myself as a potential contributor, so I will do it here. I have been trying hard to engage with the digital world through Frogblog, Facebook and Twitter and of course GBlog is the most obvious. I like the guidelines and I like the discussions I have read so far. See you in the fray.

  20. Hi. I’m a Green party member and interesting in blogging here. Main policy of interest are drug law reform, IT/copyright, and the Arts. Check out my blog.

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