Melissing In Action

Well, hasn’t it been a great week for National’s Mt Albert candidate Melissa Lee!

First, the dodgy election video from last year’s general election campaign, and now the “motorway would keep South Auckland criminals out” comments.

Aside from the outrageous prejudice exhibited against South Aucklanders in those comments, I’ve been pondering the logic behind them all morning. And I think I’ve finally got it.

Last year Keith Locke gave me a copy of a letter from Bryan Jackson, Acting Chair of Transit NZ (now NZTA). Jackson states in that letter:

The forecasts of unconstrained growth in Auckland suggest the Waterview Connection will be at near capacity in 2015.

What that means, in effect, is that it will be fully congested as soon as it opens. So I guess that’s how Melissa reasons the Waterview Connection will keep South Auckland’s criminals out of Mount Albert – they’ll be so discouraged by the traffic jams resulting from it that they’ll find somewhere else to burgle.

Clever Melissa! Wonder what she can stuff up tomorrow.


The word “corrupt” was bandied about by the National Party a lot when they were in opposition. Day after day, they targeted Labour in Parliament using the term to refer to Labour’s 2005 election pledge card.

So how ironic it is to see this story on TV3’s Campbell Live last night, involving none other than National’s Mount Albert byelection candidate Melissa Lee:

It is alleged Lee continued to involve herself with making election programmes when she and her friend and colleague Pansy Wong were themselves part of the programme.

Even more damaging, it is alleged that she used NZ On Air funded Asia Down Under staff and equipment to make a National Party campaign video.

From where I’m sitting, there’s only one word for that!

Maybe Ravi Musuku will have a reason to complete his webpage after all.

Hat Tip: The Standard for the video

UPDATE: As John A points out at The Standard, Asia Down Under doesn’t appear in the National Party’s electoral expenses return either. This just keeps getting more interesting.

Hypocrisy from ACT, vision from Greens

ACT MP John Boscawen led the campaign for big money to dominate politcs in opposing the Electoral Finance Act. So how extraordinarily hypocritical for him to come up with this billboard now he is ACT’s candidate for Mount Albert:

Russel Norman’s billboards are great though, three of them building on the kids theme the Greens used during last year’s general election:

Mt Albert hoarding - Oakley Creek

Mt Albert Hoarding - Pt Chev

Mt Albert Hoarding - Owairaka Park

Russel Norman Mt Albert Hoarding