National or Neanderthal?

Being in a heterosexual relationship (at least for now) I only occasionally read

But today I received an email citing quotes from that site that shocked me:

Gay politicians and community leaders are expressing heightened concern at the National Party’s announced intention to disband the gay-aware Families Commission and divert its funding to services run by organisations such as “repressive” religious groups with a homophobic track record.

Speaking to a gathering organised by anti-gay Family First, National party leader John Key said he would abolish the Commission, and instead fund faith-based and other services. He told the religious forum that groups such as Family First and Ian Grant’s evangelical Parents Inc., which he praised, did not need bureaucrats telling them what constitutes a family.

Calling the plan “outrageous” and the product of either “bigotry” or “a preparedness to say or do anything in the pursuit of power,” Kevin Hague, a past head of the NZ AIDS Foundation, Chief Executive of the West Coast District Health Board and a Green party candidate says glbt families and individuals need to be especially alarmed by National’s plan. “It is a sad betrayal of National MPs like Katherine O’Regan and Katherine Rich who have been voices for celebrating the diversity of the wider human family.” Hague says Key’s proposal “reveals either the bigot within, carefully hidden until now, or a preparedness to say or do anything in the pursuit of power.”

Clearly in campaigning mode, Hague says the Greens “would want to see resourcing particularly available for groups like Rainbow Youth and for GLBT community organisations, but this would be additional to, and not at the expense of the Families Commission.”

Go Kevin!

Now, having given Lockwood Smith a lecture about his bigotry, I think it must be time for John Key to have a look at his own.

1 thought on “National or Neanderthal?

  1. Sadly, could’ve told you that was in the zeitgeist of National thinking, if I’d only remembered.

    There’s a lot of homophobia out there in the centrist ‘heartland’ voters, which Key is tapping into, along with Bill English.
    I’ve personally heard Bill spout off about the importance of heterosexual families having primacy; and lest we forget, it was his son Rory who got into such a lot of bother on myspace for homophobic remarks, made at the tender age of 13 or so. (Whilst in his first year at a prominent Wellington Catholic Boys’ college …)

    Having seen the National Front posturing their racism, misogyny, and homophobia outside Parliament yesterday, I wouldn’t put it past Key & English to be quietly encouraging those “good l’ boys” from the South, either…

    Then there’s Stephen “I like my dog, but I wouldn’t marry him” Franks, standing in Wellington Central, spouting homophobic remarks at every forum where Labour’s Grant Robertson is paticipating.

    I’ll go, it’s a concerted campaign.

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