Silly headline of the week

Man found dead in own vomit at backpackers

Ever heard of someone being found dead in someone else’s vomit?

Well, I suppose you could slip over in it and hit your head. But really?

4 thoughts on “Silly headline of the week

  1. “Man found dead in vomit” does kinda seem like it implies someone else’s vomit, plus it lacks the punch of the other headline.

    That, and I start imagining someone drowning in a vat of vomit. Eww.

  2. How did they know it was his own? Media statement too early for forensic tests.

    Do we have a serial vomiter? Sniffing out dead bodies to vomit on?

    As for the vat, Ari, what is its capacity? Would sure take a lot of people puking to fill a vat to the depth that you could drown people in.

    You know, stomach capacity is actually rather small.

    Oh, apart from Mr Creosote But it didn’t do him much good in the end either.

  3. SHMG, yes, Mr Creosote was on my mind when I found this & hit the ‘read comments’

    You are a very naughty Toad!

    I despair of newspapers who sack all their experienced subeditors as an economy measure, then expect the punters to continue to pay for the worthless, unreadable trash that ensues.

    Seriously, a little grown-up journalism in this country would not go amiss ….

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