Yay for yes

It’s nice every once in a while to be able to say something is good and we should keep it rather than bad and it needs changing.

So ‘hooray’ for the crew at The Yes Vote with their great resources and ideas.

This is my favourite:

If it’s wrong to hit an adult, how can it be right to hit a child?yesvote-poster-if-its-wrong-to-hit-an-adult-thumb

I’ve added their banner to the side of g.blog for a while. If you’re generally of the view that the world has not fallen into catastrophic ruin since we lost the right to take to our children with large pieces of wood you might like to click on it and add your voice to their call to protect children from assault.

6 thoughts on “Yay for yes

  1. I was spanked Bud, and when i had kids I spanked them. Sometimes i lost it and thrashed them. Now I think its best not to doit. Its not okay at all because it tells kids that violence is how you get people to do what you want.

  2. As a parent of three I can confirm that yesvote have some great resources for positive parenting on their site as well as informative articles and reports.

    If you are on twitter you can follow their updates http://twitter.com/theyesvote

  3. Thanks for that link, Steve, ging viral with it 😉

    As a former conservative christian, I was encouraged to thrash my kids for minor infringements.

    After I divorced & left the church, I took a while to find other ways of getting boundaries across – but I’ll echo Mojo here, it can be done with 3 kids, without losing any sense of proportion, and with more love than a thumb-wide piece of wood can imbue.

    A parent, especially one parenting solo, can do a lot of damage if disciplining while angry; the relationship I have with my now-teenagers is predicated on the respect we developed for each other after I banned physical punishment in my home.

    It’s also hypocritical for parents to say “don’t hit your brother/sister”, while delivering the message with a smack!

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