“Every” parent?

Larry Baldock on Campbell Live last night state:

“Every parent has become a criminal, whether they are charged or not.”

But Larry, um, I’m a parent and I’m not a criminal – at least not for that reason.  I haven’t assaulted my kids.

Maybe the quote was edited out of context, but surely the point he was trying to make was “every parent who assaults a child for the purpose of correction has become a criminal.”

Of course, even if that were his point, he would still be wrong because (a) the new law removes a defence against assault not smacking, and (b) he is using the term ‘criminal’ in the popular sense of describing someone who has committed a crime, rather than the legal sense of someone who has been convicted of a crime.  Legally, one solitary parent has become a criminal since the correction defence for assault was removed. And one is a lot less than every.

Yay for yes

It’s nice every once in a while to be able to say something is good and we should keep it rather than bad and it needs changing.

So ‘hooray’ for the crew at The Yes Vote with their great resources and ideas.

This is my favourite:

If it’s wrong to hit an adult, how can it be right to hit a child?yesvote-poster-if-its-wrong-to-hit-an-adult-thumb

I’ve added their banner to the side of g.blog for a while. If you’re generally of the view that the world has not fallen into catastrophic ruin since we lost the right to take to our children with large pieces of wood you might like to click on it and add your voice to their call to protect children from assault.