Two more days.

If you’re still not enrolled to vote, you can still enroll, provided you finish tommorow. You can download an enrollment form, ring free on 0800 ENROL NOW (0800 36 76 56), or visit a post shop in order to enroll.

While it is too late to get on the printed roll, you can easily vote on election day by casting a special declaration vote. This just essentially means you explain why you’re not on that electorate’s printed electoral roll. Even a special declaration vote is still very easy to cast.

Your party vote is crucial in this election, whomever you support. We’ve had a deficit of polls recently, but internal party polling from the older parties seems to be suggesting things are very close.

Even if you’re not voting for the Greens, even if none of the parties likely to get in has policies or personalities that satisfy you, there are still good reasons to vote- politicians have access to demographics on who votes more often, and policies are far more likely to be friendly to your demographic if you vote. In addition, if a significant amount of people vote for a party that doesn’t make it into Parliament, existing parties may lean towards adopting some of their policy.

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