It’s the last day of Campaigning!

I’m about to turn into a small green blur for the day, but before I go out & leave my Mac to slumber, I’d just like to send a word out to all the candidates.

Kia kaha, e hoa maa, kia manawanui, arohatinonui ki a koutou katoa!

Be strong, my friends, be of great heart, my great love goes out to all of you!

Remember, we’ve been encouraging the young voters to “Do it for the love of it”;
Today, as we campaign, let’s hold that in our hearts.

Today, we do it for the love of our candidates, whom we’ve chosen thoughtfully and carefully, and for the children who don’t have a vote this time.
(And let’s remember those in society for whom we also vote – those in psychiatric institutions or prisons, those weakest in our society, for whom we hold responsibility as citizens, enfranchised).

Soundtrack for the last day:
Kora(Polly, polly, polly,) Politician…
Salmonella DubFor the love of it

5 thoughts on “It’s the last day of Campaigning!

  1. That’s a good post, Dan, so consider it done.

    I’ll think of a way to by-line it 😉

  2. Julie said: I’ll be ticking your box tomorrow

    Julie, that was one idea for a Green campaign tee-shirt / slogan:

    Party vote Green – Tick my box

    ; or

    You’re only as Green as the box that you tick!

    It didn’t happen. Just too out there I’m afraid, and the homophobes and moralising Christian fundies would have latched onto it big-time as an attack option.


  3. Toad,
    You are outrageous!

    Shades of ‘you’re only as old as the body … “, well I’m sure you know that one …
    *sigh* we’re all a bit over being sensible, aren’t we?

    Roll on tomorrow’s party; indeed, all tomorrow’s parties .. (one for the sci-fi fans to unravel …)


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