The Return of the Secret Recordings

TV3 is busting out the cassette player and bringing some small amount of accountability to National again today. This time it’s Bill English trying to pass off his own comments about having to win “despite our principled stance” as being an entirely innocent comment. One wonders why they can’t just be principled in what they say all the time, but then again, we don’t have as much trouble with that sort of thing in the greener parts of New Zealand.

The worst part of these pieces is watching John Key try to blame Labour for the recordings. Even if it was true that Labour was infiltrating your events and recording your MPs, there’s still the fact that your MPs are saying embarrassing things. They need to reign themselves in.

And I should remind people that as dirty politics goes, this isn’t very dirty. There are no illegitimate black children. (that are actually adopted Pakistani children) There’s no judging people by their associates. There’s no misrepresenting people’s views. These are MP’s own words, in context. That’s really about as clean as it gets in politics.

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