Oh, dem pesky polls – giz us enough votes for Mojo (Part 2)

5 weeks ago I blogged about the possibility of the Greens getting their 13th ranked candidate Mojo Mathers elected. Well, I thought I might have been overly optimistic then, but not now!

Seems the Greens are on a roll. We’ve had three polls in the last week. OneNews showing the Greens at 7.0%, Roy Morgan at 9.0%, and TV3 at 6.8%.

Having been languishing just above the 5% threshold for most of the Parliamentary term, these polls have to be very encouraging.

We need 11% to get Mojo Mathers elected. It seemed a pipe dream 5 weeks ago, but now could be a possibility.

The best of those polls for the Greens was the Roy Morgan one. Thanks to Tane at The Standard for this lovely pie chart that shows that, on the basis of that poll, any government post-election is likely to require the Greens’ support:

Meanwhile, David Farrar at Kiwiblog has done an analysis that on current polling the Maori Party could decide which of the two bigger parties leads the next Government.

So things are looking good in that regard too, given that the Maori Party and the Green Party have much in common re supporting ecological responsibility, social justice, and developing a genuine Tiriti relationship, and most often vote the same way in Parliament.

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