Build your own billboard

With billboard season upon us, the internet is giving us th opportunity to culture jam our favourite party’s billboards. Needless to say I was ecstatic to be sent a link to this site this morning. After a couple of fizzers, I am proud of my new National Party Billboard:

Please take a moment and vote for my billboard. It is #117 on the site and then you can surf all the other hillarious send ups!

7 thoughts on “Build your own billboard

  1. I voted that one down actually. Fascism? I’m not a fan of hyperbole in the political context, and while there are many things wrong with the National Party (and ACT), fascism is not one of them.

    They are opportunistic in taking away freedoms, as are the current Government, but there is no coherent agenda to do so (apart from weakening the rights of workers and the poor of course) in a way that would resemble fascism.

  2. George, you haven’t been home for a while …

    However facist the State has been about the ‘terror raids’, the Nats would do a lot worse if they had a chance, there’s been a few choice soundbites in the past 11 months!

    Caraka, not bad – but the ‘I can haz cheeseburger’ parody made me LOL so badly I nearly choked!
    Thanx for posting the site, I’ll have to become a frequent flier 😉

  3. On the real Green party billboards (all those who play with photoshop ones have probably got better things to do; like maybe actually helping the poor rather than talking about it) I wonder why they only seem to convey the environmental values of the party, and not the socialist ones, which seems to be more of what the Green Party is all about these days? Shame really, because in this day and age of prominent environmental awareness by the general electorate, the support for the Green Party doesn’t appear to correspond. Perhaps it’s time the Green Party took a look at themselves to see where they are going wrong. When a company’s performance heads south many commentators will say it because the company has strayed from its core business. Is the same thing happening to the Greens?

  4. Sean – spare me the lecture. The Green Party is not a corporation and nor is it heading śouth. Our core principles haven changed a bit and have always been very public about them.

    And please, spare me the holier than thou attitude about helping the poor. You have no idea what I have done with my life, nor obviously what the Green Party has done for the poor, even in just the last few months. Letś start with winning a budget bid to insulate every Housing NZ home, then following up with a billion dollar fund, (separate bid), to help insulate the homes of the poor across NZ.

    Be gone, troll!

  5. I noticed you pretty much avoided the main question regarding the absence of The Green Party’s socialist tendencies from their billboards. One thing everyone already knows is that The Green Party is pro-environmental, yet that is only what we see on the billboards. Lets see some signs about the real Green Party though…the more radical elements that seem to dominate the party more these days, like the population policy just released. That’s the side of the Greens that the public need to see more of….pretty obvious now why you’re keeping that sort of stuff under the radar.

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