Build your own referendumb

In the tradition of Build your own billboard (linked site from that post no longer active), you can now build your own referendum.

Here’s my effort:

smacking_over[EDIT: Original Image © Crown copyright – this edit added due to stupid and draconian copyright law.

Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have got them going into the gallery yet, as it is still reporting as “Nothing here at the moment.”

Hopefully that will be fixed shortly. [EDIT: It now is fixed.]

BTW, don’t forget to Vote Yes, despite the stupidity of the question. A yes vote is a vote against child abuse.

10 thoughts on “Build your own referendumb

  1. You must be fucking joking. You stupid socialists can’t tell the difference between a loving, correctional tap on the backside against some stupid Maori putting his kid in the dryer? You idiots.

  2. My parents did not know the difference. I got beaten with leather straps, wooden spoons, switches cut off fruit trees, and anything that came to hand. Half the time I hadn’t even done something wrong.

    My dads dead now, but my mum still thinks she did the right thing hititng me. Shes in her eighties now and needs my support. Its hard for me cos she still cant understand how bad she made my life as a child but now expects me to support her when she cant do stuff anymore.

    I dont think you really know anythign about this Alistair.

  3. Nor do I Lady P.

    The language is scary actually – “…a loving, correctional tap on the backside …” sounds like something consenting adults would do in a S&M sexual encounter.

    A “loving smack” to a child is a concept I can’t comprehend. How can you hurt (without their consent)those whom you love Alistair?

  4. Well obviously, toad, *white people* are able to lovingly smack. It’s one of our superpowers.

    Seriously, though, this is the question that nails the issue for me. Any of the no-vote campaign’s arguments could just as well apply to people beating their spouses, if we wound the clock back far enough.

  5. Well obviously, toad, *white people* are able to lovingly smack. It’s one of our superpowers.

    Apparently so is being hilariously snarky. 😀

    And I agree with you 100% that their arguments for domestic violence against kids applies equally to domestic violence against partners, especially given that there’s anecdotal evidence that the recent drop in spousal abuse actually started after the S59 amendment.

  6. “Should the recent amendment to Section 59 of the Crimes Act be repealed?”

    Perfectly neutral, clear, and has strict legislative interpretations for both a “yes” and a “no” answer.

  7. I think we should introduce smacking into the workplace.

    It would be so much easier than the mental torment.

  8. My childhood experiences were similar to Lady Penelope’s. I was also molested as a small child (by a babysitter) and the parental smacking acerbated the effects of the sexual abuse, leading to self-harm and attempted suicide.

    My parents are now dead. I despise them (especially my father) for what they did to me in my childhood under the smacking culture. I hope they spend a very long time in Purgatory (If you are a Catholic believer) or otherwise are now burning in Hell. This stinking referendum brings all of those childhood memories back.

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