Think Green? Vote Green?

It’s been said before (for example way back here at FrogBlog), but the Political Compass website is still a damn good way to find out where you stand on the political map.

Now it’s a Facebook application you can even test yourself while shirking at work (or, whatever, networking with friends in your leisure time) – and adding it as a FB application allows you to see where your friends are – cool!

Here in the Greens we’ve been noticing that lots of people take the test and discover that they’re much closer to us than they expected. So if you think green, and act green, then why not take the test today –  and see if you need to vote Green!


You can take the test at

9 thoughts on “Think Green? Vote Green?

  1. The thing that interests me most about this post is that the Greens map out on the compass as more libertarian than ACT – despite the frequent posts from right wingers and self-proclaimed libertarians on other blogs accusing the Greens of nanny-statism and wanting Government to control everything.

    Another point of interest is how authoritarian National maps on the compass, especially given that much of there support comes from people who claim to be libertarian.

  2. Of course the greens are more libertarian than ACT. Corperate welfare is a much bigger problem in NZ than social welfare. At it’s core, environmentalism, especially when it comes to climate change, doesn’t just have to be viewed as the protection of the environment, but the protection of property. Only the scientifically illiterate ACT party would take such a softly-softly approach to curbing greenhouse emissions when there’s so much evidence to support the scenario that they will be responsible for such a widespread and indescrimate breach of property rights.

  3. somewhat scarily, barack obama and united future map out in about the same place. peter dunne for president?

  4. Toad, that is because Act are not a libertarian party. They’re a bunch of neoliberals with a small amount of concern for human rights- but only when they’re really obvious, and only when they effect white upperclass men. 😉

  5. Just because you are near a party on this spectrum doesn’t mean you agree with their views at all. I am closest to Labour when I do it – but that is the one party I most disagree with. This is an interesting quiz but NO indication of who you should vote for.

    It is however a cunning political move for the Greens to promote it as such though, seeing as you are the only party in one entire quarter of the spectrum. It is possible that a few voters could think “I’m near them, I should vote for them”, when if they actually read your policy to decide who to vote for they may actually disagree with you on many issues.

    Political compass is a very interesting site, but very long-winded. I find “The World’s Smallest Political Quiz gives about the same result far quicker:

    In the picture you show, the Destiny party is present. This party no longer exists. Much of the former Destiny party has moved over to The Family Party, which also contains former United Future, Christian Heritage and other people so would be unlikely to occupy the same position – it would be interesting to see this party positioned on the compass.

    Although whoever was quizzed for the Greens answered in a fairly libertarian way, their track record on smacking, lightbulbs, anything to do with the environment etc is far from libertarian – it is more authoritarian. The only issue the Greens consistently present a libertarian position on is cannabis.

  6. Mr Dennis, occasionally people disagree so strongly with a few of a Party’s policies that they won’t vote for them, even if they most closely identify with most of the party’s policies.

    The Greens have found this with their drug law reform and trade policies – some people say they largely agree with us, but just can’t support one or other of these policies. Ironically, the former is more libertarian than the current position, while the latter is more authoritarian.

    Perhaps you are like that with labour – you support their general direction, but there are a few things that just stick in your craw so much that you can’t support them.

    Is this the case? If so, what parts of Labour policy worry you to this extent. Hopefully, they are not also Green policy – we’d like your vote.

  7. Hey –

    Yeah the spectrum is the 2005 map – political compass haven’t finished their 2008 spectrum yet, which is why Destiny are still on there.

    Mr Dennis you raise some really interesting questions! On the smacking thing – I actually think that tightening the law around smacking is libertarian because it increases the child’s freedom; the old law was biased towards allowing physical punishment of children for the purposes of correction but gave protection from physical punishment for adults. For me it’s about a healthy balance of rights.

  8. Here here, Pete! When it comes to balancing rights, I think the rights of the most vulnerable should be paramount over the rights of those less vulnerble.

    But I would disagree that this is about “smacking”. It is about whether the right of adults to hit their kids over-rides the right of kids to be free from violence.

    On the basis of the rights of the most vulnerable being paramount, and given the evidence that hitting kids is at best no more effective behavioural control than non-violent disciplinary measures, I’m backing the kids.

  9. No, it is about whether the right of children to be disciplined and raised well overrides their desire to be not disciplined and grow up as disobedient brats…

    Toad, I disagree with the liberal (as in anti-conservative) views of both Labour and the Greens with regards to child discipline, marriage and pretty well any moral issue. As a Christian I believe morality etc to be more important than most other policy areas so can’t vote for either of you sorry. In addition I disagree with the Greens socialist stance on most issues so certainly won’t be voting for you.

    I have a concern for the environment, and am especially concerned about impractical policies promoted by the Greens, and supported by Labour. The more I learn about the environment, the more I move to the right.

    So sorry, no vote from me! I’m standing for The Family Party, there should be some sensible environmental policy up on this website soon, just waiting for an upgrade of the site.

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