Why National supporters should act

If you’re online a lot you will have noticed that the Act Party have been doing webverts calling on National supporters to Vote ACT. Something about bigger tax cuts – can’t remember the details.

I think that any National supporter looking to switch their vote to a third party should find a party that are going to balance National, and not tip them over the edge. However, I do want to bring attention back to the fact that you just can’t trust the Nats. The TV3 website has done some work on which party’s have been flip-flopping on various issues, and guess who comes out looking spineless? Oh, but not on anything too important right?

Climate Change, The Iraq War, Te Tiriti.


National supporters ought to remember that their cherished values come with an awful lot of new right baggage these days, and the people backing, nay running the party, have barely changed since 2005.

See the full list of shame at: http://decision08.co.nz/tabid/78/Default.aspx?ArticleID=482

Of course, the Greens might be getting ready for a Fosbury of their own over the ETS! What a week in politics.

Think Green? Vote Green?

It’s been said before (for example way back here at FrogBlog), but the Political Compass website is still a damn good way to find out where you stand on the political map.

Now it’s a Facebook application you can even test yourself while shirking at work (or, whatever, networking with friends in your leisure time) – and adding it as a FB application allows you to see where your friends are – cool!

Here in the Greens we’ve been noticing that lots of people take the test and discover that they’re much closer to us than they expected. So if you think green, and act green, then why not take the test today –  and see if you need to vote Green!


You can take the test at http://politicalcompass.org/index