100 – Nil

This one has been fermenting in my mind for a while and I know that DPF is just feeding his trolls but I haven’t seen/heard anything that actually address my perspective. Now I didn’t play Saturday Rugby as a young lad, I played hockey. I had experience being on both sides of the divide, one season we used to regularly win games by a double figure margin that’s probably more than 50 points in rugby terms. The following season we were put up a grade and faced things from the other perspective. Personally I think the whole yeap there is no way you are going to win lets mix things up swap some players around for the younger age groups is great. Sure some care about winning and losing and this recognises this but it basically equates to you guys are way better than us. Lets concede defeat then set up another game where it might actually be fun. It’s no fun spending your time repeatly trudging back to half way for the restart and you don’t grow as a player if you are walking over your opposition. So kudos to the NZRFU, it is not often I agree with you. And to the knockers out there, this isn’t namby pamby PC gone mad it’s a great idea that supports children having fun!

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