Dear mum, I’m having a great time at camp!

img_18811This last week’s been a pretty crazy, full-on one, starting with Waitangi weekend. It was the second annual Young Greens Summer Camp at Jeanette Fitzsimons’ farm and it was awesome.

The camp was an action pack time of meeting load of cool people, having workshops on many interesting topics and making decisions about the future of the Young Greens. We came from all over the country, ranging in ages from mid-teens to the “old people” who tagged along and it was great to be on the same wavelength with everyone and to have all our massively intelligent brains working together in harmony. Over the weekend we talked about topics ranging from taking a shit and watching the sun set in the brilliant three-sided composting toilet that looked out over the river (and was still very private) to economics and politics to the meaning of life. Our constant interesting conversations started in the medium hours of the morning (8am) and went till the small hours of the morning (3:30am for some).

Then we got down to business. After probably the strongest election campaign for the Young Greens ever we felt we really needed to build on that momentum and get something concrete down for the Young Greens. So at our AGM on the Saturday we decided on a structure for the Young Greens which will see us moving forward at a brake-neck but environmentally sustainable pace. We now have a Young Greens Executive, which has a representative from each province and is headed by two Co-Convenors. As a particularily inovative feature anyone who considers themselves a Young Green is welcome to attend the conference calls which it uses to meet – even those who are not Green Party members. How’s that for oppenness and inclusiveness! The first meeting of this Executive happened just a few hours ago, and went really well. Anyone interested in becoming involved check us out a little more at, and/or email me at

Why email me instead of someone else I hear you say? Well, although we elected our first two Co-Convenors ever at the last camp (before we had our Executive) we now have two new Co-Convenors – and I am one of them. It’s quite exciting, but a lot of work. A Co-Convenor is like the equivilent of President of the Young Greens, but power hungry people need not apply. It’s the Green Party after all, and we believe in real democracy! So it’s more of a facilitation role than a “this is how it will be. The end.” role. The female Co-Convenor is Georgina Morrison and she’s way cooler than I could ever hope to be.

So to end this post a big thank you to all that made the camp awesome, especially Jeanette and Harry who gave us their camp ground on their farm for a few days, and to Gareth Hughes who organised the whole freakin’ thing, both this year and last. It was free, which was great, and it’s made the future of the Young Greens solid like a tree.

(Photo explanation: I was too busy having a good time to bother taking photos. So out of the twenty I took this was the best one. O well! At least they’re gorgeous people.)

Original post on Zackarate Island.

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I'm an 18 year old running as a candidate for the Green Party this election. This is because I care deeply about the world around us - the planet and the people who live on it. I also care deeply about the fact that young people - especially those under 18 - are so poorly represented in our "democratic" institutions. My personal blog is, but I will contribute here as I see relevant to keep all you beautiful readers of gblog informed.

1 thought on “Dear mum, I’m having a great time at camp!

  1. Zach, you are amazing!

    This is the 3rd or so ‘review’ of the YG Camp that I’ve seen/heard; so glad to see the growth here, and you are very right – all the YG’s are gorgeous people, I’m sure your parents are very proud of you all!

    I’m happy looking back on the interactions I had amongst you all during the campaigns last year – always fun to go do something off-the-cuff when travelling & I felt cheeky gate-crashing at Auck Uni, but it was a good fun afternoon, redeeming central Auck for me in many ways. (So much of the rest of the CBD gives me the heebie-jeebies!!)

    Have a great year as co-co, & I’ll look forwards to more tales of your (collective) exploits as time goes by.

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