Feeling the heat?

John Armstrong over at the Herald must be taking a working holiday somewhere tropical. I don’t think he understands what cold means. Perhaps he should come live in my flat – we might even have a room for him if he is quick. His latest story suggests that we are having an on again off again relationship with national

Having slammed the door shut to working with National a mere three months ago, the Greens now want to reopen it.

That doesn’t sound right, what does google say? Well my first few searches turned up a lot of press releases from the industrial relations portfolio and nobody is going to pretend that we often agree with National around these types of issues. A simple change from work to “work with” however and the top hit is a NZ Herald article which says Greens offer to work with National. Hmm. Okay but he did say three months maybe he missed that and was talking about something during the election campaign. Well hit number four is an nbr article which is titled, “Greens prefer Labour but could work with National” and that was for the 19th of October. Well I can’t understand this. When did we “Slam the door” am I not interpreting this literally enough did one of the MPs slam the door on John Key as they left the chamber after seeing National scrap many green labour initiatives at the end of last year?

So I am about to pop over to the comments section of the herald article and ask John to indicate how/when we slammed the door. Cause I am sure that our line has always been, we will work with anyone in parliament to enact our policy. I invite you to join me.

[Hat tip norrightturn]

2 thoughts on “Feeling the heat?

  1. I think, my friend, that you have stumbled upon a sincere case of “story-planting”, in the hope that other lazy journo’s will repeat the story ad infintum, thus creating a google swarm for the concept; my bet is that a lonely Nat PR staffer, not having had a holiday somewhere very warm, left in charge of the office, has tried to get some traction on an idea they want pushed.

    ‘spinning to their graves’

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