Election Pub Crawl, Welli-styles.

Warm-up for this event began in the Green Party Bowen offices, with a social atmosphere to Friday night drinks bringing in Russell and Meyt to have a glass of wine (or two), and discuss current issues as the room filled up with the YG’s who were coming on the crawl. Lots of wee side discussions kept us there ’til after 6pm, as the crew arrived in ones and twos.
Delicious pizza was provided, as our responsible hosts made sure that campaigning Young Greens were also sufficiently well-fed to be able to walk our talk around the Capital City’s CBD bars. Gareth Hughes, the indefatigable youth outreach co-ordinator, and a candidate himself, marshalled everyone down the lifts and out into the clear, starry night.

Our first stop was The Occidental, a favourite of lawyers, political staff and journalists, although it appeared to be a mixed crowd of after-work and more casual friday night drinkers. The staff gave us the thumbs up to offer coasters to the patrons, even posing for a photo with a few coasters themselves!

Occidental bar staff, only dating boys who vote Green!

Occidental bar staff, only dating boys who vote Green!

Vic Greens YG's in The Occidental

Vic Greens YG's in the Occidental

Then we carried on down Lambton Quay, deciding to head towards Featherston St, and split our group in two, half visiting Leuven, half going into the Black Harp.
This was our starter for quick forays, just popping a few coaster on tables, without getting into long discussions with bar patrons.

After a re-group, we then wandered onto the wharf and checked out One Red Dog, discretely coastering outside tables as we went around the Loaded Hog/Red Dog complex, and then moved on past Shed 5, towards the Events Centre.
At this point, most of the group was headed towards Mac’s Brewery, near the NZX building, but a couple of us peeled off to have a quick look at the WOW! exhibitors, and some stilt-walkers in amazing costumes who were strolling the area under the sails.

Very exotic, I may do a post about WOW! displays later in the weekend, as there are wandering WOW! exhibits scattered around Welli for the next few days & I may get some more pix to show.

We scooted along by Frank Kitts’ Park & caught up with the others, and a quiet drink and some debriefing and reflection on the campaigning ensued.
I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with Tara Forde, Green Community Board rep, up from Golden Bay for the weekend, and we both loved the irony of sitting a stone’s throw away from where an anti-war stunt in 2005 saw us ‘bonding’ with some 20 of our peers in activism.
We finished the night by strolling up Cuba Mall, her to find Mighty Mighty where she was to meet a friend, and myself to walk on to another friend’s birthday party.

I suspect that this may become a YG feature for the next few weeks of the campaign, everyone seemed to enjoy the experience, and it was a great change from street-leafletting and other forms of election-campaign behaviour used in the past.

2 thoughts on “Election Pub Crawl, Welli-styles.

  1. We are planning to have a similar “crawl” in Nelson in the last week of the campaign. Were you well received by the bar owners ? How many beer mats did you dish out ?

  2. Umm – we had good responses from most bars, only one place set the bouncer on us.

    Gareth might know best how many coasters we got out – we started with a box at Bowen House, which everyone grabbed some from, then we topped up from Linda & Gareth as we ran out. There were a good number of people along, I have many more pix but didn’t post showing everyone who came along.

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