McDonalds asks: What are we going to do?

Wraparound ad from the Sunday Star magazine about a week ago

Wraparound ad from the Sunday Star magazine about a week ago

McDonald’s answers: We’re going to drink more coffee!

I have to admit that McDonalds have done a good thing with this. Teaming-up with Rainforest Alliance to provide sustainably harvested coffee. The famous Scottish restaurant chain says:

“Together, we can start saving the planet the same way we’ve been destroying it – with millions of people doing such a tiny bit that we barely even know we’re doing it”

That sounds like guilt to me.

Anyway – the image of the Earth looks surprisingly like material from a certain Political Party. I wonder if McDonalds are going to come out in the next few weeks with more publicity for the Greens. I for one am more inclined to visit them and grab a flat white.

2 thoughts on “McDonalds asks: What are we going to do?

  1. Not that I place much (if any) stock in fair trade or other consumer based “solutions”, but those that do should be aware that the Rainforest Alliance is a sham, and has very little to do with actual fair trade.

    “Rainforest Alliance agricultural certification has been criticized by a range of academics and media sources. The Manchester Evening News notes that critics have dubbed the Rainforest Alliance” Fairtrade lite”[25] therefore offering companies such as Chiquita and Kraft a cheap way to tap in the ethical consumer market. Alex Nicholls, professor of social entrepreneurship at Oxford University, called Rainforest Alliance certification “an easy option for companies looking for a “flash in the pan at a cheap price”.[26] Beyond the price issue, Michael Conroy, an independent consultant on certification for sustainable development and chairman of the board of Transfair USA [67], criticized Rainforest Alliance in his 2007 book Branded! for having “little tangible impact on the actual conditions under which work is done and workers are paid”.[27]”

    Thats from Wikipedia, which has more at and a search of the net will bring up a bunch more on this greenwashing corporate.

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