Parliamentary quote of the year


Parliament, 12 April, 2011

David Clendon: Does the Minister expect that a team of 400 New Zealanders will be able to cope with a catastrophic oil leak or spill, when 7,000 US Coast Guard personnel and over 40,000 other emergency personnel were not able to contain the Deepwater Horizon leak for some 86 days?

Hon HEKIA PARATA: Maritime New Zealand is responsible for ensuring New Zealand is prepared for, and able to respond to, marine oil spills. The Marine Pollution Response Service consists of internationally respected experts who manage and train a team of around 400 local government and Maritime New Zealand responders. New Zealand has equipment and other stores strategically located around New Zealand. In addition, the Marine Pollution Response Service assists regional councils with exercise and oil spill equipment. The plan is responsive and is regularly evaluated to ensure it meets changing risk profiles. Should the pattern of oil exploration—

Bob McCoskrie’s epic fail on slutwalk


Family Fist’s Bible Bob supposedly agrees ‘slutty’ clothing is no excuse for rape, but still thinks women need to consider how they dress in case dick4brains men refuse to understand “No” means “No”.

“We need to understand a male has testosterone. They’re turned on by the visual. Images are important – that’s why the porn industry does so well,” he said. “Marching for the right to be called a slut just doesn’t sit right.”

And now for a comment from Graham Capill…

Child Poverty Action Group endorses Green policy


Some supportive words for the Greens from CPAG:

“Thousands of New Zealand families are struggling with either the recession, or a natural disaster. Others, like many families in Christchurch, are now finding both the recession and the earthquakes dragging on and on.”

“It is the children in families made redundant through no fault of their own that are bearing the brunt of this ill-designed policy.”

The Greens are being very clear about prioritising children in their policies. They have committed to paying the In-Work Tax Credit to all families. This would provide support to those who need it most, and lessen the financial hardship of losing a job. CPAG applauds this policy as a very direct and cost effective way to help families in Christchurch maintain confidence as their economy picks itself up from this latest disaster.