What is it about Kiwi farmers and wire fences? Do those unforgiving, minimalist steel wires say something about the way we regard our land and each other. Could anything be less inviting than a countryside bisected with wire netting and posts? Compare our approach with that of other countries where in many cases, no fences are present at all or where hedgerows; diverse, living lines of fruiting, nutting, flowering natives and exotics support birds, beetles and all manner of useful creatures that support farming, bolstering the health of the pasture, pollinating crops, controlling pests and moderating wind. Where did we go wrong (did we ever have it right?) I’m for starting a rural movement: Hedgerows from coast to coast. Stop the ‘Clean Slate’ style of farming. Let it grow. Apples, plums, hazels and gooseberries along every gravel road. Give the birds a chance to perch. (Oh, and by the way. Send the Leylandii back to whichever ill favoured continent they came from.) Start the movement by biffing pips, cores, pits and stones out of the window as you drive on through. The real green revolution!