Theft is theft

Thought for the day:

If you or I steal money, it is theft. We get taken to court, and get fined or go to prison.

Interesting! As Double Dipton would say, it’s all about perception.

This is car is green – no it’s not

Has anyone else seen one of those Westpac cars driving about with “This car is red green” signprinted on the side? Um, no it’s not. Just because it is a Prius doesn’t meant it doesn’t burn fossil fuels. Or that it doesn’t require limited resources of steel and other stuff to build. Or that it doesn’t put increased pressure on us as a community to build more and fatter roads all across our countryside. Or that it doesn’t worsen air quality, harm pedestrians who get in its way and lower the overall health and exercise of our population as a whole.

I don’t want to knock Westpac. As companies go it is probably one of the most responsible and best at triple bottom line reporting.

But, since when did the solution to environmental problems become buying yourself a flash new car? It’s like claiming your are saving money when you buy something for half price that you didn’t really need.  Or solving your alcoholism by switching from vodka to beer.