The racist underbelly

The Springbok Tour is now 28 years in the past. It was a very sad time for New Zealand, as Rob Muldoon exploited the racist underbelly of our society to win a third term as Prime Minister.

But occasionally we get a reminder of what lurks beneath the facade of amicable race relations in New Zealand. The relatively trivial matter of the NZ Geographic Board deciding to correct an historic spelling mistake in the name of the district of Whanganui should attract hardly any attention at all. But Whanganui’s mayor Michael Laws, for whatever reason, is stoking the fires of bigotry.

And look what crawls out of the cesspit on a Kiwiblog comments thread on the subject:

I can’t believe this crap, maori had no written language until whitey arrived, how dare they try to force their idea of spelling when most of them can’t spell anyway, I say good on you Laws, stick to your guns

What gets me about this whole (sorry fole) load of crap concerning Mhaori getting septic about how us honkys pronounce their near unintelligible babble is that we are speaking english when we talk of places in NZ not speaking mhaori.

Maori shouldn’t have any right to tell the country how to pronounce or spell anything. They are a minority – is that clear enough for you dickhead?

…Maori didn’t have a written language till us whiteys got here, so you can take a phlying ph%$k at a rolling donut, dickhead.

Perhaps Ken Mair should be forced to change his surname back to it’s correct French origin spelling of “Maire”?

Bang that mowree drum. I will spell and pronounce mowree as I wish.
Just the same as mowree do with the mainstream language in NZ.
K bros
tina coco car tower

When it comes to pass Jack old mhaori tohunga will wisely say “The koha will flow as the waters of the Whanganui into the greedy grasp of the Tangata Whenua–inflation adjusted of course”

I am constantly amazed at what is important to Mowree, so much time, effort, emotion and bullshit expended on “H”

The only saving grace for New Zealanders per se is that the Chinese population of New Zealand will push the Maori into third.

The Maori are an embarrassment for New Zealand, they are violent, resentful, lazy and racist.

I think Wanganui as a city had more to lose from a name change than this vocal minority of Maori half-breed sepratists/activists had to gain.

Yes, sadly that New Zealand is still out there. It makes me wonder if we have made much progress at all in the last 28 years.