Comments from Copenhagen

It’s half way through my fourth day in Copenhagen, and I know I’m in the time zone because I am starved and it’s actually lunchtime!

We had an awsome march through Copenhagen yesterday. Four and a half hours across town with 100,000 people from around the globe. Jeanette, Kennedy and I marched with the New Zealand Youth Delegation (NZYD) and hundreds of representatives from Green Parties around the world. It was magic.

The NZYD had a huge NZ America’s Cup spinaker with youth delegate signatures scrawled all over it. We marched around and under it, with dozens of kind strangers helping us keep it aloft.

On the sobering side, we are at that part of the conference where everyone is pessimistic and confused. The draft texts floating around since yesterday have made everyone angry. This is typical at such conferences, I am told.

The Annex 1 countries attempts to kill off Kyoto entirely seem to have failed, but the developing world is pissed. Funny that!

Some of what NZ is demanding has survived the first cut and is still in the draft text. We’ll see how they do this week.

Meanwhile, I am at the KlimaForum, the “People’s Climate Forum”, where alternative, sleeves-rolled-up discussions are happening between people who know that our leaders are only serving the interests of economic growth – not saving humanity from climate change.

It’s not the planet we need to protect. It will be here long after we humans have consumed ourselves to extinction.

Here is a video I shot of the Young Greens co-leaders during the march yesterday. Enjoy it, and share it around!


Prostitutes, pansies and punks; … lesbians and left wing scum

Okay, only posted that headline because needs some more google hits. The headline is actually from the lyrics of the song below. But apparently it does the trick in getting more people here.

Anyway, this post was inspired by a comment on The Standard today:

Fox news. Funnily enough I just subscribed today. In the USA, it’s OK to be a hard line conservative. Not so OK for us here in NZ. What does that tell you about freedom in NZ? (my emphasis)

It seems “freedom” is in the eye of the beholder. Take a look at this Tom Robinson Band video from about 30 years ago:

And which version of “freedom” do you support?

Fruitful Waiheke

I just found this video on Treehugger about Waiheke Island’s Fabulous Fruit Tree initiative. Apparently the Transition Town movement there wants to plant 20,000 fruit and nut trees to to provide a local source of food that will protect their community from the dangers that peak oil and rising food prices threaten to our ability to feed ourselves healthy fresh food.