Who leaked Dr Dunny Brush’s emails?

Here’s an interesting coincidence.

Who was National’s campaign manager for the 2005 election, so would have had access to everything?

Who was elevated in an almost unprecedented manner to a senior position in John Key’s Cabinet after the 2008 election, despite having never before been in Parliament?

From memory, that has only ever happened twice before in recent political history – with Tuariki Delamere, as a result of the coalition deal between National and NZFirst in 1996, and with Margaret Wilson, who had previously had the experience of being both a Professor of Law and a Labour Party President, in 1999.

A reward for a job well done by Mr Eightyfour Percent, perhaps? (And I don’t mean the 2005 election campaign).


Eightyfour percent

Were you aware that 84% of people without a regular sexual partner masturbate?

Well, I’m not actually certain of the exact percentage, but it’s got to be up there somewhere in that vicinity. And for many of them, it isn’t their preferred form of sexual activity – just that they don’t have other options available to them.

Which brings me to Transport Minister Stephen Joyce. His public justification for slashing public transport funding while increasing funding for roads was:

But 84 per cent of New Zealanders go to work by truck, car or motorcycle.

Joyce is using the effect of the problem (high percentage of commutes being by road) to justify the problem (lack of public transport) continuing, or actually to justify making it worse. He conveniently ignores the fact that many of the people who go to work by car or motorcycle have no other option, and would use public transport if there were public transport between where they live and where they work and it operated with a frequency and reliability that suited them.

So getting back to the masturbation analogy, it occurs to me that it is people like Stephen Joyce who give wankers a bad name.