Paula’s new partner

Oh dear, this is just a really bad look for Social Development and Employment Minister Paula Bennett.

Her vision for addressing New Zealand’s rising unemployment is a partnership that involves Work and Income “recruiting and training” 7000 staff to flip burgers for fast food multinational McDonalds.

Exactly what the “training” Work and Income will be providing is beyond me. I can’t imagine how it would take more than half a day to train someone to work in a fast food restaurant.

McDonalds has a reputation as a poor employer – paying low wages, providing insecure hours, and being vehemently anti-union.

They also have a poor sustainability record, a poor animal welfare record, target their advertising to children, and while their nutritional standards have improved somewhat in recent years, much of their food is still crap.

So Bennett sends 7000 people off to work in dead-end, menial, low-paid jobs at McDonalds, while cutting the access to Training Incentive Allowance that would get many beneficiaries the qualifications to get into well-paid and secure employment.

Go figure!