Rodney v Rodney

Interesting news this morning that Rodney District Council has officially decided that it doesn’t want to join the Auckland Supercity.

And even more interesting that its Mayor, Penny Webster, is a former ACT MP, so surprising to see her opposing what is Rodney Hide’s baby.

Here’s what I think may have happened:

After Rodney (the Minister) announced the Supercity, Penny Webster asked officials to consult with Rodney about how to respond. She meant them to consult with Rodney (the Minister), but the officials mistakenly thought she meant Rodney (the District).

So the officials went and consulted with Rodney (the District), whose residents were none too happy with the plan by Rodney (the Minister) to take away their local democracy.

So Rodney (the District) voted to oppose the Supercity, and Penny Webster was left with job of announcing it, which no doubt didn’t go down very well with her erstwhile Parliamentary colleague Rodney (the Minister).

Hat Tip: jarbury on frogblog