Craftivism evening in Welli (updated).

Come and meet craft activist and Melbourne resident, Rayna Fahey, here to give an inspiring and stimulating talk to fellow activists for one night only!

    the revolution is handmade

    the revolution is handmade

    Rayna Fahey from and the Melbourne Revolutionary Craft Circle will be facilitating a presentation on historical and contemporary radical craft action. Followed by a discussion on creative actions can be used for local issues.

    The award winning short film ‘I Wanna Live Here’ about radical craft responses to the Melbourne housing affordability crisis will also be screened.

    Koha on the door $10 for police and informants, towards the Oct 15th Legal Fund.

    Local crafters and bakers will be on hand with goodies for sale with profits going to the fund.

    All welcome

    Further information at : Oct 15th Solidarity.
    and radical cross stitch.

    Here’s some links from Rayna’s talk, to amazing craft artists from other cultures:
    Lisa Anne Auerbach, the V-monologues 10th anniversay yurt, here.
    Sara Rahbar, Iranian artist living in NY and Europe, here, scroll down through the whole page, it has awesome work done with flags and Iranian women’s traditional clothing.
    Betsy Greer, author of Knitting for Good, and the Craftivism website.

    For those who couldn’t make it to the evening, here’s the link to a podcast & slideshow up on Radical Cross Stitch, from the original Melbourne event back in September ’08. Enjoy!

    We had a blast, lots of people came, and the venue (New Crossways* in Roxborough St, Mt Victoria) was warm and welcoming. Cakes were sold & eaten on the spot, amazing an beautiful craft was admired and bought, ideas, friendship and networking were exchanged.

    Thanks to everyone who came, especially the ones I hugged & said “we’ll talk after the slideshow”, then didn’t talk to – it was lovely to see so many old friends at once!
    (VUW Women’s Group ‘old girls’, you know who you are!)

    [*Not to say that I’m over what happened to the old Crossways, which I lived across the road from for a while, but that’s another rant, for another year …]