Tagged while cycling

At some point g.blog is going to get a designer to have a go making our site look a little less ‘out of the box’ but in the mean time I’m playing around with the header.  I just came across the new one above on flickr and it appealed, so it can sit as place holder for a few days.  Don’t worry, I’ve saved the old, less criminal one if you miss it.  Check out the original photo here, along with photos of the Berliner tagger and some more of his work. I wonder why he wrote it in English not German?

Graffiti literacy

The Greens were on of the few parties to oppose the anti-tagging legislation earlier this year.  Which led to lots of derision from some on the grumpy end of the political spectrum that the Greens were being soft on no good low-life taggers who could never make anything of themselves.  Well let me prove that wrong.  I pass this piece of graffiti every morning on my way to work.  It used to read F.U. but recently the tagger has come along and corrected his spelling:

graffiti on Mt Albert

Graffiti on Mt Albert

Live and learn, eh?