Kiwi Party will need God on their side

Today’s efforts from the Kiwi Party are beyond belief.

Their sole MP, Gordon Copeland had a Parliamentary Oral Question opportunity today. Now, as David Farrar points out at Kiwiblog, Copeland gets only about one primary question a month. But he failed to submit his today. So there were only 11 questions, rather than the usual 12.

I wondered why. But then at 3pm, I received an email containing Gordon’s Copeland Chronicle.

So I guess he was just too busy finishing off writing the Copeland Chronicle to get round to his Oral Question.

Funny thing is that I went to the Kiwi Party website to find the Copeland Chronicle and link to it here, and it wasn’t there. I guess Gordon hadn’t got round to uploading it to the website either. And it’s dated August 2008 – in case you haven’t noticed, Gordon, it is now well into September, so I guess you must have been writing it for most of the last 2 weeks!

I’ve uploaded it to, to help Gordon spread his message. I do like the bit about the recreational hunting and fishing rights and banning aerial application of 1080 poison, but I’m far from keen on most of the rest of it.

So, God better be on your side Gordon, because with this level of competence, I think you’ll need Him.