That is not a term I use lightly. In fact, it is not one I think I have ever used in a blog post before today.

But the Government’s decision today to retrospectively change the law to allow illegally obtained Police evidence to be admissible in Court hearings against defendants who would, without that evidence, likely be acquitted, is just that – fascism!

This is a dark day in New Zealand’s history. Our Government decides to change the law to criminalise people by validating illegal acts by the Police to collect evidence that under the law at the time was inadmissible in Court. Which Parties will support National in their descent to the depths of injustice? Surely not ACT, the self-styled “liberal” party.

It is the Police who are the criminals here, and the officers responsible for illegally obtaining the evidence should be the ones prosecuted, or at least disciplined, not the victims (however badly they may have behaved) of a knowingly illegal evidence gathering power-trip by the Police.

A neo-Nazi wolf in the anti-democratic “sheep” muster

Thanks to Bomber Bradbury, the name of Alex Fogerty has come to the fore as one of the 16 founding members of the “Vote for Change” campaign against MMP.  Fogerty is a neo-Nazi.

Here’s one of the evil faces of bigotry:

A post from Fogerty in April 2005, which he confirmed to the Nelson Mail that he wrote, reads: “I’d love to get rid of all Jews, blacks, gypsies, retards and social degenerates, I would love to have genetic cleansing.”

His message added that genetic cleansing did not mean killing anyone, just forcibly removing them from a country.

Mr Fogerty said he had made some comments on the internet he now regretted.

Fight Dem Back had taken these comments, including the one on genetic cleansing and another where he congratulated Australian groups for the increasing attacks on Jews, out of context, he said.

The comments were made in private and freedom of speech meant he could make them, he said.

He was not racist and had talked to “every ethnic group”, but did not agree with New Zealand’s immigration policy, and thought some of the Nazis’ ideas were good (my emphasis).

Great poster boy for the anti-MMP campaign, huh?

And great pick for one of your 16 founding members, Peter Shirtcliffe, Michael Bassett, and the rest of the “Vote of Change” founders!  I guess Mussolini’s concept of the Corporate State isn’t lost on you after all.