Sorry Ruth, there is a more evil New Zealander than you after all

I’ve copped a bit of a mauling over at Kiwiblog because of my post here on Friday evening suggesting the social and economic policies Ruth Richardson imposed on New Zealand made her the most evil New Zealander of the 20th century.

David Farrar suggests I am comparing Richardson with the likes of Clayton Weatherston and Graeme Burton (despite most of their crimes being committed this century, not the last one).

I am not. The difference is that these two individuals are sociopaths who had no political motive. They acted only out of their own warped perception of what would get them what they wanted personally.

Since I’ve been called on this on the Kiwiblog thread, I’ve given some more thought to it. And I was wrong.

The most evil New Zealander(s) of the 20th century have never been identified – the person / people who bombed the Wellington Trades Hall in 1984, killing caretaker Ernie Abbott.

That was New Zealand’s only home-grown act of politically motivated terrorism.