Dissent in the Government ranks

Subtitle: Well, who’s an oik then?

ACT Party resident bigot David Garrett has been in the news recently, defending his Three Strikes Bill against Attorney General Chris Finlayson’s report that it is inconsistent with the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act in that it provides for disproportionately severe punishment.

Garrett came up with this little gem a couple of days ago.

“So what?”

“Alter the Bill of Rights Act. We’ve got too hung up on people’s rights.”

Mr Garrett, a former legal adviser to the Sensible Sentencing Trust, said the concerns were not Mr Finlayson’s personally but those of “some oik in Crown Law”.

Chris Finlayson, interviewed in this morning’s New Zealand Herald on his NZ Bill of Rights assessment, says:

Mr Finlayson, a leading lawyer before becoming an MP, said he was prepared to dissent from the advice he received.

“I don’t take the view that I’m some kind of automaton and just sign off on what is given to me. I will examine the matter carefully.”

Oops, big splatters of rotten egg all over Garrett then – the Attorney General in his own Government is an oik!

David GarrettBy the way, has anyone else noticed the resemblence, physical and otherwise, between David Garrett and the late Enoch Powell?Enoch Powell

Hat tip: The Standard