It’s a family affair

I’ve always maintained that Christine Rankin’s record of mismanagement, extravagance and self-agrandisement when Work and Income Chief Executive should alone have been sufficient for the Government to consider her unsuitable as a Families Commissioner.

But yesterday new revelations emerged in Parliament that cast further doubt on Rankin’s suitability for the appointment. They relate to Rankin’s appearance on the television programme Dancing with the Stars, and her nominated charity, the For the Sake of our Children Trust, that received the money from text messages supporting Rankin on the programme.

Ms Dyson went on to raise Ms Rankin’s appearance on TV One’s Dancing with the Stars programme.

She said Ms Rankin’s chosen charity for donations from viewers was a trust called For the Sake of our Children.

“The people who texted `Christine’ to Dancing with the Stars were donating to an organisation that employed two people and did no research, no service delivery, but only did advocacy,” Ms Dyson said.

“And the two people employed by For the Sake of our Children were Christine Rankin and her son.

Regardless of Christine Rankin’s qualifications to make policy recommendations to support families, it appears she’s pretty good at ensuring she looks after her own.