We’re not dancing with Mr D

Well, it’s been a day now since the Greens announced a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Party.

Some have suggested that the Greens have sold out. But that just doesn’t stack up. The Greens are not dancing with the devil, despite what some on the right and the left have commented.

But before the political commentary (for the benefit of those who are too young or were too stoned to remember the 70s), let’s have the video:

The Greens are not dancing with Mr D – they’re just trying to make the best of a bad situation for the planet and its people.

The agreement provides that the Greens can condemn the Nats’ proposals for private prisons, the RMA gutting, NZAID being screwed, ACC being privatised, Auckland being screwed, the ETS on hold until the “science is settled” (that’s actually the Luddite ACT Party’s deal with the Nats), the lack of respect for democratic procedure and select commitees shown by the government, the inaction over the recession, the readying for sale of state assets such as TVNZ, the acceptance of pay inequality between the sexes in the public service as a necessary evil of the recession, and so on…

And we will continue to do so, both inside and outside Parliament.