Bad taste blog of the year

Well, I thought the bad taste blog of the year would likely belong to Whaleoil. But right on Christmas Eve, David Farrar has plumbed the depths.

For no apparent reason, and with no substantive commentary under the supposed “humour” category, Farrar has posted a piss-take video of Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you” – the title: “All I want for Christmas is Jews.

And the lyrics include:

…boys with a big schtick…

…and the big box office makes Jews millionaires…

They may have killed our Saviour,
That’s not the best behaviour,
That’s okay he rose three days later.

Now, like DPF, I’m not a religious person. But this stuff is simply not funny. It is blatant racial stereotyping of Jewish people, as well as lacking historical accuracy – by all accounts I have read, it was the Roman occupiers of Palestine and their Jewish collaborators, rather than representatives of the Jewish people, who were responsible for the death of Jesus.

So why, DPF, did you have to post this piece of racist drivel, likely to offend both Jews and Christians, at all – let alone on the eve of a significant Christian festival?