Bob (The Bopper) McCoskrie and the Family Fist’s Greatest Hits

Bopping Bob McCroskie is back again. This is one survey I’m pleased to see the Greens do poorly in.

Here’s a list of Bob the Bopper’s Greatest Hits:

  • The Fist
  • Let’s Fist Again
  • Slow Fistin’
  • The Fist (Yo Fist!)
  • Fist and Shout
  • Simple Fist of Fate
  • Fisting by the Pool
  • Fist Me Around
  • Angel Eyes (Hip Hop Fist)

Other contributions to Bob the Bopper’s Greatest Hits welcome.

Honest Bob McCoskrie

Two stories.

This one (Sun, 21 Jun 2009 9:01p.m):

Bob McCoskrie, director of Family First NZ which is leading the “vote no” campaign, said Ms Rankin had not expressed any concerns about being involved.

“She’s got freedom to speak out on it,” he told NZPA.

And this one (Mon, 22 Jun 2009 5:16a.m.):

Family First director Bob McCoskrie had advised earlier this evening that Ms Rankin would be the Family and Child Trust (Fact) representative at the launch but that was later changed to Bev Adair.

Ms Rankin had told the minister that Mr McCoskrie had made a mistake, and Ms Bennett was satisfied with that explanation, the spokeswoman said.

Mr McCoskrie told NZPA Ms Rankin was “part of Fact but Bev is the spokesperson on it”.

“So it was just my error. I should have put Bev’s name, not Christine’s name.”

Now come on Bob, you may expect people to believe there are all these instances of good parents being prosecuted for smacking their kids that you can’t or won’t front any evidence to support, but surely you don’t expect us to believe that.

How would you have been able to say Rankin had not expressed any concerns about being involved and that she had the freedom to speak out if it was just all a mistake involving you getting the name wrong?

Phone running hot last night perchance?