Copenhagen Commentary #4

We are in a countdown to failure here in Copenhagen. The high minded speeches and calls for action continue, but behind the scenes there is a deepening sense that we’ll get worse than window dressing – a political statement which at its best guarantees a 3 degree warming of the planet, which is unacceptable. At worst, we’re all toast.

President Obama was spectacularly uninspiring. We need more than superb rhetoric. We need action. This whole process has been held captive by the US Congress – or the world’s fear of it. That’s a pity. It’s time to leave them behind and get on with a global deal.

If the Americans fail to tag along, globally taxing their goods at the border based on their carbon footprint would soon see action – if the world stood together. That is, after all, what they have been threatening themselves! No amount of military might could overcome the collective will of the world. The US dollar is already teetering on the verge of irrelevance, and fear of its collapse is about the only thing keeping many dollar rich countries in check – but for how long?

All this I say as a patriotic American. America has failed to lead so it should get out of the way. I fully appreciate the US’ misgiving about ratifying treaties that have international enforcement clauses. I wish New Zealand would think more about this when it signs so called free trade deals which give away its sovereingty. However, it is humanity that is at stake here, not just US hegemony. So the US needs to pull its head in and get out of the way of a legally binding climate treaty.

Meanwhile, the Danish hosts continue to insult China and the G77, dispalying an incredible ignorance of international diplomacy, or worse, a crass xenophobia. The Danes forgot to invite China to a ‘high level contact group meeting’ last night. Oops. The quiet but inexorable rise of Chinese hegemony is still being ignored by the west. Too bad. They have all the $US cash, all the manufacturing and a growing ability to project their power. We insult them at our peril.

English: “…there still needs to be someone willing to pull the trigger.”

Just disgusting! And very revealing!

A recording featuring National Party Deputy Leader Bill English shown on TV3 tonight revealed that the National Party are really warmongers who would tag along on any US-led resource (read oil) war, and expressing his concern that Barak Obama, if elected President of the US as expected, might not play to the National Party agenda of leading foreign wars National could tag along with and get young New Zealanders killed in.

And as Irish Bill has just said over at The Standard, “It was also interesting to see that Bill English refused an interview to explain himself.”

This is revolting warmongering from English, and totally vindicates the Green Party’s position to not support National to lead a Government.

And given Obama’s likely election tomorrow, how much harm will English’s “cocktail party” comments do to NZ’s relations with the US if National leads the Government here.

You silly dork Bill, you might be a warmongering Tory, but for New Zealand’s sake if you are on the piss at least have the sense to keep your gob shut.