Rank indeed

I’ve blogged before about Christine Rankin’s unsuitability as a Families Commissioner – on the basis of her past performance as WINZ chief executive.

Last weekend I was at the Green Party AGM in Dunedin, and didn’t get to see the Herald on Sunday until I got back to Auckland – only to find this:

Christine Rankin has the worst attendance record among elected members of Greater Auckland’s major councils.

The North Shore resident and newly appointed Families Commissioner skipped almost half the council and committee meetings to which she was invited since the local body elections in October 2007.

The attendance records of the 84 members of the Auckland, Manukau, North Shore and Waitakere City Councils and Auckland Regional Council varied widely.

Rankin attended just 51 per cent of the 100-plus meetings to which she was invited…

That’s an appalling attendance record. Who knows where it will end up now she has the added “responsibilities” of being a Families Commissioner.

Unfortunately, it is the antics of the likes of Rankin in Auckland local government who have given Rodney Hide the excuse to launch Grand Theft Auckland.

Hat tip: greenfly (for the blog post title)