Pie in the eye


It was funny to read what was given to Solid Energy CEO Don Elder recently at the Crown-owned coal mining company’s first public meeting – essentially a big PR exercise. Yum, Pie!

It reminded me of the present Jeanette gave him a few months back – what naughty boys get for Christmas.

I’d rather hope Don does get some lovely presents this year from Santa but the only way that’s going to happen is to start to phase out the dirty coal mining industry and focus more on the clean energy part of Solid Energy (like sustainably harvested wood pellets). Here’s hoping for a merry Christmas.

Not dancing with the stars but away with the fairies.

While Winston is off obfuscating in the media about donations and secret trusts I find it amazing in 2008 that a NZ political leader can say “I remain sceptical that greenhouse gases are the cause of a global warming.” which Rodney Hide did at ACT’s Upper South Regional Conference in Christchurch on Sunday. You would expect more from the only MP in the House with an ecology degree.

Gareth Renowden, at Hot Topic says “The errors he makes and the ignorance he displays are so egregious that the speech amounts to a public suicide note from a politician with aspirations to a role in governing this country.” I tend to agree and wonder if Rodney has joined the Flat Earth Society too?

I’m not sure if Rodney is a gblog reader,  but if he is, here are some links which may help him with the state of climate science:

How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic,” a series by Coby Beck

Climate change statement from the Royal Society of New Zealand.

Kia ora Winston, welcome to the internet.

Winston Peters has now joined the blogging community with his new blog www.winstonpeters.com. Being a young 26, I was interested in the first post on the page ‘…some thoughts for young people…‘ to see what he had to say and what wisdom from his years he could impart. I guess good on him for not trying to be ‘hip’ and reference youth culture too much, or attempt 2 talk in txt language, but I’m not sure if his lamenting the non-readership of Charles Dickens, or quoting from MASH (you know…the TV show) struck a chord with his university student audience. I was surprised though, that Winston and I do agree on a couple of big things – the importance of books and the need for a Universal Student Allowance.

He did give his 8 points of advice:

1. Grab each day as it comes along and enjoy it.  You never know when it could be your last.

2. Always read books – any books but especially novels.

3. Go fishing whenever you can.  Apparently God does not deduct fishing time from our lives.

4. Be loyal to your friends.

5. Keep laughing.

6. Don’t keep filling your heads with useless information.

7. Don’t eat too many carbohydrates.

8. And save your Grandma – vote New Zealand First.

I’m off to save Granny the Green way.