GreenCross Court Case in Palmerston North

Billy McKee, who hosts the GreenCross NZ medical cannabis users website, was arrested in 2010 on charges relating to his medical cannabis use.

Billy campaigns for legalisation of cannabis, and considers that it is one of the best medications to deal with chronic pain.

Supporters from Invercargill to Auckland converged on Palmerston North on September 3, 2012 outside the District Court to stage a peaceful protest in support of Billy Mckee.

Billy lost a leg below the knee when a drunk driver deliberately rammed his motorbike over 30 years ago. The incident resulted in him being confined to a wheelchair and in constant pain from nerve damage to the stump as well as suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

The pain medications he was prescribed by doctors caused intolerable side effects where even driving was considered unsafe. He found that the only thing that controlled his pain, depression, irritability and other symptoms, while still allowing him to function, was cannabis.

This led him to study the medical benefits of cannabis, become a counsellor and form GreenCross, an organisation devoted to helping sick people obtain relief through the medicinal use of cannabis.

McKee now faces jail time for running GreenCross and helping sick patients obtain their medicine.

He was entrapped by an undercover police officer posing as someone suffering from severe migraines. McKee said that migraines can indicate in the early stages of brain tumors and many people have found that cannabis relieves the symptoms of migraines and allows them to function normally.

McKee accepted the young man as being a genuine sufferer. The undercover cop appealed to his compassion in asking Billy to supply him with cannabis. Billy says, “I was really worried about him.”

As a result of trying to help someone, Billy is now facing charges that could see him sent to prison for up to eight years. Prison terms have also been imposed on other medical cannabis users due to a law that lacks compassion.

McKee, who is going to a jury trial, is calling for jury nullification of the charges of the grounds they breach his human rights.

The case continues on Tuesday morning, beginning at 10.00am in Palmerston North District Court.


Tuesday’s Court hearings were mostly held in closed Court, due to Police undercover investigators testifying. Evidence was not completed by the close of day and the hearings were adjourned until Wednesday morning.

Wednesday saw the end of evidence production and summing up by the Crown prosecutor and defense. The Jury retired at 11am to consider the charges, and came out with verdicts at 2.25pm after breaking for lunch.
Billy McKee was convicted on five charges. Sentencing has been set down for Palmerston North District Court on the 30th October, 2012. Billy has been bailed to his home address while awaiting sentencing.

7 thoughts on “GreenCross Court Case in Palmerston North

  1. Billy McKee helped me after I suffered serious health effects from a serious crime that is being intentionally covered up by the New Zealand police force and others. This has prevented me from getting timely and appropriate health care. I live so I can I can tell my story.

    I approached the police force asking for help and they turn against me. They refuse to cooperate and lose important files and then start to arrest me and put me before the judges. They will have to deal with me I am confident of that because they are a monopoly and it is there job to maintain law and order. I pay tax to the authorities to ensure this is the case.

    If I could have one wish granted it would be that I am openly and honesty told the truth.

    I tried the hospital, I’m turned away and then the police turn up. I try MP’s, the police turn up. I go to work the police turn up. I talk with my recently estranged wife and the police turn up.

    To dare ask for help was becoming so dangerous I eventually drove 400Km to make a statement to a police officer. A statement was made, there was some shuffling of paper, a couple of files get lost, a couple of organizational changers and a very poor response.

    The reality is the New Zealand authorities leave New Zealand citizens at risk and even fake crimes against honest caring citizens to attempt to defame them and remove them from society.

    It certainly appears that Billy is capable of looking after himself, and then to help others. A great attribute for any person to aspire to. Our society needs more people of such good character.

    The reality is many are not able to reach such greatness and only help society by working for money and its source. Their job is to take control of others lives through a process so riddled with such behavior failure is an inevitable outcome.

    I am asking the New Zealand Authorities to grow up and behave responsibly. To bring back morals ethics and principles. To raise the professional standards for the purpose of making New Zealand a proud nation and to stop punishing innocent people.

  2. Kia Ora, can I use your post for frog blog? I was writing one, but it would largely repeat your work, I can post it as your work, but it seems silly to rewrite it all. Metiria

  3. Hi Met,
    I’ve replied to you privately, but will say publicly here that my identity is backed up by a separate anarkaytie wordpress blog, so that’s my public authorship identity.
    You’re welcome to re-use any material posted here.

    FYI, new from the Green Cross USA networks
    Gallup poll taken in 2011 shows “70 percent favored making it legal for doctors to prescribe marijuana in order to reduce pain and suffering. Americans have consistently been more likely to favor the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes than to favor its legalization generally.”

    somewhat surprisingly … :p

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