Lifewise Big Sleepout event in Auckland

Quick plug for one of our Auckland MP’s, Denise Roche, who is going to participate in the Lifewise Big Sleepout, to raise funds for homeless accommodation and services.

The event happens on the 28th June in downtown Auckland, there’s more info and a pledge link at the Big Sleepout page.

This is the second year this event has occurred, and it’s even more needed as a fundraising mechanism than last year.

With social housing in Auckland having fallen victim to Key’s ‘flog it off to me mates’ programme to re-house wealthy Aucklanders near to St Heliers on the former State Housing estate at Glen Innes, there are a whole lot more newly homeless in Auckland’s already housing-stressed landscape.

Glenn Innes is a place I’ve stayed in, temporarily as a guest of Te Tii Marae in Glenn Innes; the last vestige of the former Tuuhoe land that was ceded to State Housing to provide for low income families moving from rural areas to the city in the 50’s and 60’s.
Perhaps John Key needs a history lesson from those who represent the interests of Treaty Settlements – if the State takes land from Iwi to procure state assets, surely it’s only polite to ask the original owners if they wish to re-purchase, before you sell it off to your property-speculating mates?

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