SkyCity’s problem gambler creation scheme

SkyCity casino boss Nigel Morrison claims problem gambling is damaging to the casino and that “we are not in the interest of taking anyone’s rent money”.

So why does SkyCity run a problem gambling creation scheme called Premier Rewards?

Premier Rewards is basically a loyalty card. The more you gamble, the more points you get. You can redeem your points on free carparking at SkyCity, and in SkyCity’s restaurants and bars, staying at SkyCity’s hotel and, of course, on more gambling.

There are three categories of card: Ruby, Sapphire and, for the biggest gamblers, Gold. The more you gamble, the greater the range of things your Premier Rewards card will purchase as you move to a higher category of card.

The irony is that the technology used for Premier Rewards could be used to identify and bar problem gamblers. But that’s not what SkyCity are using it for. They’re using it to create more problem gamblers.

1 thought on “SkyCity’s problem gambler creation scheme

  1. The gambling industry has always made serious efforts to keep gamblers ‘in the game’ – whether it be at the TAB, on the track, in the pokies at the pub, or in a casino.

    It’s very easy to see who most of Sky’s clientele are by just driving into that very expensive carpark and hunting for a space – there’s a lot of very ordinary family cars in there, and a lot of them had what might politely be called ‘room for improvement’, the last time I drove in there by accident. (I was looking for Sky Cinemas, d’oh, wrong building…)

    There are definitely not enough local ‘high rollers’, nor enough tourist traffic, to keep a casino that size going merely on those who have ample disposable income; the socially mobile and desperate of South Auckland fill in the gaps in the gaming tables and pokie machines.

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