Going for Green: Christina Gibb

Nicky Chapman was privileged to speak to some of the Greens’ older supporters recently, and shares some of their insights.

Christina Gibb now has a great-grandchild on the way, but says her children were not the primary motive for her environmental values. “I’ve always been green”.  She grew up in Malta and England and “my mother was very keen on all kinds of natural history, so we always looked for the birds and plants and tried to identify – that’s been part of me since I was very small.”

Again, like Pat Scott and Elizabeth Duke, Christina went to university in England, came to New Zealand with small children, and her spiritual values drive her social and environmental ones. “I’ve been a Quaker since 1984. Quaker values and Green values go together quite well – being non-hierarchical and having the belief in equality and the worth of every person. It’s about caring – for the planet and for people”.

Christina has worked for a variety of organisations such as Rape Crisis, the Howard League for Penal Reform, and the Just Housing group.  She’s lived in Ravensbourne for 30 years, and has been restoring her patch of bush with a QE2 covenant and her neighbours as part of the Ravensbourne Environment Trust.

Her involvement with the Greens started about ten years ago. “I hadn’t even joined a political party before but I was so angry with one of the mainstream parties I thought right I must join the Greens – the only one that stands for the things I stand for. It’s the whole social justice thing, the commitment to the Treaty and to Maori rights, and to creating a green economy and green jobs.”

Authorised by Jon Field, 2/17 Garrett Street, Wellington


One thought on “Going for Green: Christina Gibb

  1. Very glad to see this. I last saw Christina at Oxford in 1949. She might be surprised to know that I have been a Quaker since 1990. My wife Priscilla and I are expectant great-grandparents.

    Tim Eccles (formerly Eichholz)

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