OK, that’s enough, let’s move on

Please, no more about the tea-tape. I don’t care. Just nine days to go – can we drop this obsession with secret tapes and return to discussing real issues in our usual cursory way, rather than not at all.  There are already plenty of public statements and actions from John Key on the dual topics Don Brash’s leadership capabilities and the value of elderly people.  I don’t need to hear any private conversations to make my mind up about whether to vote for him or not.

3 thoughts on “OK, that’s enough, let’s move on

  1. I’m not so sure about that, stevedore. The Nats’ whole campaign strategy has been about avoiding policy debates and focusing on the personality of John Key.

    Now that is coming unstuck and Key’s credibility and integrity are being questioned over the tea party tape, I think it is fair enough for the media to put the pressure on him.

    I would prefer it to be about policy too – if that were the case, Greens would win hands down. But the Nats set the agenda of a personality-based campaign, the media bought into it, now Key is crumbling under pressure, and I think it is a case of “live by the sword, die by the sword”.

    That said, I’m pretty happy with the media coverage of policy-based Green announcements over the last few days – especially the Auckland and Wellington transport launches.

  2. Hmm, but my point is that we already know everything we need to know about John Key’s credibility and integrity from his public actions over the last three years. We don’t need any new evidence from secret tapes. He put his credibility and integrity up for display during the Hobbit/Warner Bro.s affair for instance. Likewise, let’s judge Russel – or whoever else – on their public actions rather than assuming things from private conversations that might or might not have happened.

  3. Aah, but Steve, you and I both pay attention to events from the past.
    The media are assuming that none of their readers have a smidgeon of intelligence or capacity to remember events, never mind evaluate policies against one another, so they’re going along with the ‘personality-cult’ reporting of politics.

    Which explains why we get a lot of ‘personality’ reporting of Russel & Meyt, when the media can find anything personal to report on … it’s a bit of a ‘don’t feed the trolls’ situation, but interesting to see how many of Meyt’s PR to do with her background as a solo mum have been published (eg: on child poverty issues & reinstatement of the TIA to DPB recipients), while her other policy statements (eg: on warm healthy homes) don’t rate A2 pg coverage, get buried somewhere past the middle or even somewhere in the middle of the business section. (DomPost behaviour, naturally, I don’t read the Herald or ODT enough to analyse how they place stories.)

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