One or two spoons of racism in your cuppa, Mr Key?

Here’s the first spoon:

And to sweeten the brew, second spoon John Banks has a Melissa Lee moment:

Putting anti-freeze in your tea will make it sweeter. But it will kill you.

2 thoughts on “One or two spoons of racism in your cuppa, Mr Key?

  1. Never mind the anti-freeze, its vodka poisoning that caused a fuss in the banks house hold.

    The irony of anti-drugs john banks having a family member involved in a alcohol overdose which killed a ‘ young new zealander’ seemed to be lost on most.

    A fatal example of Banks hypocrisy at work in society ………..

    Which reminds me of things past …….just how chummy was Banks with Clint Rickards?.

    Is there any photo’s of them together ?banks was mayor, Rickards was auckland area commander .

    Two power abusers at once , together.

    Banks thought him very effective ……… at what Im not sure.

  2. @Pete w 6:30 am

    Vile as Banks is, I’d rather you leave his family out of it. They are not responsible for his bigotry.

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