The good grace to return a favour

That Peter Jackson is such a polite man. Lesser superstars would not have thought to say ‘thank you’ when a Prime Minister passes a dodgily unconstitutional employment law just so that they can more easily exploit the employees of their film.  But here’s Jackson giving something back to the little people who helped him get where he is today – and, hey, it’s not like a celebrity photo-shoot in the midst of the election campaign costs him much.

2 thoughts on “The good grace to return a favour

  1. I wonder if JK is giving PJ any advice about the ROI on stomach-stapling operations ….

  2. I’m gutted. I’ve been a fan of Peter Jackson from the very beginning. To sell out the people that helped him get where he’s got is pretty sad. Each man has his price, huh Peter? I don’t feel good about you any more. As for JK, I’ve never been a fan, totally expected.

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